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Do 20% of MWBEs Win 80% of the Work?

I recently reviewed the results of the New York State Disparity Study—and without surprise—it reveals that doing business with the government can still be a challenge for MWBEs. What I found most interesting was that in a lot of circumstances, the study reported that contracts are awarded to the same, prime contractors and MWBEs—despite their size and industry. These contracts were repeatedly awarded to the same firms over and over and over again. This reminded me of…

MWBEs: Don’t Forget to Do Business with Small Business

National Independent Retailer Week is happening now, July 17-23. This observance was established by Clare Rayner, author and retail expert, as a way to weave communities with local retailers to accomplish one goal: keep money local. As a Minority Woman Business Enterprise (MWBE), I'll admit, it’s common to focus most of our attention on trying to do business with government. In the process though, it's easy to forget about the direct impact we can have on our…

3 Months of Social Media Marketing Grew my Business—FAST!

Small business owners—especially MWBEs—often wonder if social media really works. As a MWBE small business owner myself, I’ll tell you this: before you ask if it works, you must first ask yourself what your goals are. Do you want to use social media to: Raise awareness of your event, service, or product? Get people to join your email newsletter list or visit your website? Establish connections with prospects or partners? These are just a few examples, but the…

5 Tips for Small Business Success

#1 Connect to Clients’ Wants and Needs. It is essential to go beyond the product and service that you are delivering in order to connect with clients on a deeper level. What do they really want? How can you deliver a top-notch experience? (more…)

5 Tips to Avoid a Cash Flow Catastrophe

{3:21 minutes to read} “How can my business be broke and profitable at the same time?” Most business owners will agree: ebbs and flows in business can create a cash flow crises. What if you have steady business activity, but onboarding new contracts—and payment for those contracts—takes an unprecedented amount of time? (more…)