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Blueprint Reading/Specifications II

BluePrint Reading II

Are you ready to take the next step towards having a complete understanding of blueprints and specifications? Last month, the NYC Department of Small Business Services and Jean Kristensen Associates held a webinar specifically aimed at helping small construction firms (especially MWBEs) gain a baseline knowledge about blueprint reading in the construction industry. If you want to land a government contract, you need to read the blueprints, specifications, and other technical documents included in bid packages.  This…

A Look at the Contract Award Process

JKA A Look at the Contract Award Process

If you’re a small to mid-sized MWBE looking to sell to the government, you should know that applying for a contract is only the first stage of the process. Mayor Bill de Blasio has been putting considerable political capital into getting money into the hands of minority and women small business owners throughout the City of New York. And with billions of dollars worth of goods moving from the private sector to the government every day, agencies…

Blueprint Reading/Specifications I


Do you find reading blueprints and specifications confusing? One of the roadblocks in the way of many civil and architectural firms looking to work with government agencies is the numerous technical documents, blueprints, and specifications included in bid packages. For those just starting out in the first few months of their construction career, understanding the major components of these blueprints is a must. The blueprints included in bid packages are often referred to as “drawings,” used to…

Teaming, Subcontracting & Joint Ventures

Teaming, Subcontracting and Joint Ventures

How often do you find yourself working together with other MWBEs on larger projects? In our experience working with minority and women small business owners across the state, we’ve discovered that many don’t consider how working together with their competitors can yield excellent results, helping them grow their business and bottom line. If you think about all of the large-scale infrastructure projects currently active in New York City, they are ALL somehow involved in joint ventures. That…

Basics of Subcontracting for Construction Firms

Basics of Subcontracting for Construction Firms

Is your MWBE trying to break into the world of government contracts? Trying to land a contract with a government agency is a fantastic way to grow your small business’ revenue, but it isn’t the only one! Suppose you don’t yet have the experience to make a competitive bid for a government contract. In that case, there is another opportunity out there that will help you build up your resume while also increasing your bottom line: subcontracting!…