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MWBE Outreach and Compliance

As a certified minority and woman owned (MWBE) business, we have personally experienced tremendous growth by gaining access to larger contracts as a Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier.   We understand the value that subcontracting opportunities provide for both prime and subcontractors.

Often creating trusting relationships between prime and subcontractors can be challenging as neither party are experts in supplier diversity, contracting or vendor management.  Often, bidders and contractors simply want to do their jobs well and ensure compliance on their governments.

We work with several clients who have chosen to outsource MWBE Outreach and compliance, they rely on our over three decades of experience to help them develop lasting relationships with well qualified small, minority, women omen owned businesses.

A general overview of our service includes:

  • Connecting with local city, state and federal agencies to identify qualified small, minority and women businesses.
  • Vendor qualification and background checks.
  • Conducting outreach events for specific projects
  • Business match maker events
  • Completion of MWBE Utilization Plans
  • Quality Management of MWBE Utilization Plans for individual contracts
  • Random, unannounced site visits to ensure compliance
  • Training for business owners and their teams on commercially useful functions
  • Vendor Management
  • Certification Assistance
  • Back Office Services; completing contract forms and documents