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Sales Training for Small Businesses

Most small business owners shy away from the actual process of selling their products or services to others.  They think of the sales process as a difficult and uncomfortable process and because they feel that way have real difficultly with closing deals.

Learning how to close deals and selling is an essential skill that every small business owner must master in order to grow their business.   It does not have to be difficult, in fact, it can be fun and engaging if you think of sales as way to give your customers what they need the most – you and your service.

Jean Kristensen Associates, LLC is an authorized partner of Wiley Learning Solutions Group, an industry leading developer of workplace assessments, and the Everything Disc Sales Profile.

The Everything DiSC Sales Profile enables us to:

  • Help small business owners under their own unique DiSC Style
  • Recognize the buying style of your customers
  • Better understand how buyers are making decisions
  • Provide you with information so you can adapt your style to buyer needs

We will provide you with:

  • Research based validated on-line assessment that will help small business owners understand themselves, their customers and their relationships
  • Customized Training to support your DiSC Style
  • Follow-up tools
  • Coaching