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Our mission is to empower, educate and support small, minority, women owned businesses with the tools and resources enabling them to grow their businesses by adding corporations and government agencies to their client list.

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How Do You Estimate Costs for Construction

Do you feel in over your head when you bid for a construction contract with a government agency? Every year, I work with literally hundreds of minority and women small business owners, each of them pushing to make their MWBE into a huge success. And…

Does Your MWBE Market Itself to the Government?

How much money do you spend marketing your MWBE? If you’re like most small businesses, your marketing budget probably goes into maintaining your online presence, boosting your exposure on social media, and maybe doing some real-world promotions to solidify the relationship with your customer base.…

Understanding Insurance Requirements to Bid On Government Contacts

What kinds of insurance do you currently have? If you're like most people, health insurance is high up on that list. If you drive a vehicle, then car insurance should be up there too. Life insurance, home insurance, the list goes on and on. Without…