December 2, 2020   |   Episode #: 16

Episode 16: Top Tips for Time Management

In today’s world, our to-do lists are never ending. We are wearing multiple hats while trying to be the best at everything. Many of us are finding ourselves stretched thin while working from home, surrounded by distractions. On today’s episode, I discuss my top tips for time management that have …

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November 18, 2020   |   Episode #: 15

Episode 15: Outsourced Bookkeeping with Dan Luthi

On today’s episode, my guest is Dan Luthi, COO of Ignite Spot Outsourced Accounting. We discuss the importance of keeping your business’ finances in order, focusing on the particular needs and struggles small businesses have faced this year. Dan shares his insights about what business owners should consider when choosing …

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November 5, 2020   |   Episode #: 14

Episode 14: Strategic Planning

In this episode, I wanted to share some information that MWBEs should keep in mind about strategic planning over the remainder of 2020 and leading into 2021. I didn’t want to leave anything out, so there is a lot to cover here, which I break down into the following sections: …

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October 15, 2020   |   Episode #: 13

Episode 13: Top Tips for Running a Successful Business

Just because how we do business today is different from a year ago doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still strive to be successful—it’s just that the way we get there is different. In this episode, I share my top tips for running a successful business and adapting to our changing world. …

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September 10, 2020   |   Episode #: 12

Episode 12: Procurement Readiness

Today I’ll be talking to you about procurement readiness. Many small businesses—especially those dealing with the government— may be in a slow period right now, which is an optimal time to make sure you and your business are in a good place to move forward and adapt as needed. Procurement …

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August 6, 2020   |   Episode #: 11

Episode 11: Identifying and Managing Secondary Traumatic Stress with Taryn Hughes

This week my guest is Taryn Hughes, a certified Compassion Fatigue Therapist (CFT) and CEO of Forest Hughes & Associates. We have a lengthy conversation about Secondary Traumatic Stress and Compassion Fatigue and the challenges that business owners and individuals are experiencing in the current climate. Taryn explains signs to …

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July 30, 2020   |   Episode #: 10

Episode 10: Tips on Conducting a Productive Virtual Meeting

By now, most of us have adjusted to having or attending virtual meetings, but not all meetings are equal in terms of efficiency. Today I will talk about standards, best practices, and guidelines for virtual meetings – including deciding whether a meeting is even the right decision for a given …

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July 23, 2020   |   Episode #: 9

Episode 9: Selling to the Government

In this episode, I cover some critical steps to get you started selling your services to the government. The process begins by understanding that city, state, and the federal government release procurement forecasts, an annual list of what they’re buying and planning to spend for the coming year. Educating yourself …

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July 1, 2020   |   Episode #: 8

Episode 8: Running a Small Business with Mildred Tolentino

My guest in this episode is Mildred Tolentino, President and CEO of MTO-PROS, a construction management company in New York. We discussed several topics, from tactics on adapting to COVID-19’s effects on our businesses, finding opportunities, and more. We briefly touch on the importance of identifying as professionals, and not …

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June 15, 2020   |   Episode #: 7

Episode 7: Managing Your Business and Finances with Lynn Karam

My guest in this episode is Lynn Karam, founder of LEK Management. Lynn shares what she has learned during her many years in business about getting certified and what expectations that small business owners have with the process. We go on to discuss business owners’ fear of looking into finances, …

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