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Our mission is to empower, educate and support small, minority, women owned businesses with the tools and resources enabling them to grow their businesses by adding corporations and government agencies to their client list.

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Understanding Insurance Requirements to Bid On Government Contacts

What kinds of insurance do you currently have? If you're like most people, health insurance is high up on that list. If you drive a vehicle, then car insurance should be up there too. Life insurance, home insurance, the list goes on and on. Without…

Identifying and Landing Government Contacts for DBEs

Are you ready to start your small business’ recovery after the shutdowns? Small and mid-sized businesses alike have been under an incredible strain over the last few months. COVID-19 has tested (and continues to test) entrepreneurs like nothing else in decades. But there is some…

The Importance of Government Contracts Post-COVID-19

Is your small business looking for new revenue streams?  After the events of the last few months, countless small businesses are considering new strategies for increasing revenue and looking for ways to recover post-COVID-19. To help, I want to highlight government contracting as a potential…