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Episode 11: Identifying and Managing Secondary Traumatic Stress with Taryn Hughes

This week my guest is Taryn Hughes, a certified Compassion Fatigue Therapist (CFT) and CEO of Forest Hughes & Associates. We have a lengthy conversation about Secondary Traumatic Stress and Compassion Fatigue and the challenges that business owners and individuals are experiencing in the current climate.

Taryn explains signs to look for to identify if you or those around you are experiencing forms of Secondary Traumatic Stress. These signs include common symptoms and behavior changes, its effects on workflow, interpersonal relationships, and how it impacts people at work and at home.

She also shares her expertise in dealing with stress, from small tips to high-level advice on connecting with others as we all work through this monumentally stressful time together. We hope you glean some useful information from this show, and you can learn more about Taryn and her company Forest Hughes & Associates, via the links below.

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